Eric Corndorf, Ph.D.

Product Development Director
Cardiac Rhythm Heart Failure
Medtronic, Inc.

Eric is a lifelong engineer and scientist, having cut his teeth disassembling and (partially) reassembling most of the appliance is his childhood home.  Eric grew up on a steady diet of HeathkitsCapcellaelectronics kits, and chemistry sets -- a soldering iron his most coveted possession.  Eric began computing on an Apple IIc before moving on to an Amiga and ultimately PCs.  Before the Information Super Highway was a gleam in Al Gore's eye, Eric ran his own dial-up Bulletin Board System (BBS) from his 9600 baud modem and the family phone line, much to the chagrin of more than one family member.  In middle and high school, Eric broadened his technical tool set by competing in Odyssey of the Mind.  Eric then attended the University of Michigan to (formally) learn about electrical engineering.  Not yet ready to enter the real world, Eric then went to Northwestern University to work on a PhD in quantum optics and quantum cryptography.  For the past 11 years Eric has worked for Medtronic Plc, the world's largest and leading medical technology company. Starting off as a security and communications engineer, Eric has moved through various technical and people leadership roles, now a director of product development for Medtronic's implantable defibrillator business.  Eric is supported and made whole by his wife Heather and kids Asher and Remi.