Bouncy Houses Are Fun, But So Overdone!

Birthday Party Photo.jpg

The only thing better than watching your children have fun is watching them play and learn at the same time! As a parent, I’m constantly on the hunt for things to do and places to take my child that will provide a safe and highly enjoyable experience. If I am able to find something that is safe, fun, and educational, I’ve hit the trifecta, and it can be challenging to find a place that meets all three of these needs. The Science Mill is a refreshing destination that quenches parents’ thirst for a way to span the gap between fun and education. The museum shows kids that it is possible for an experience to be simultaneously intellectual and enjoyable! Children have an amazing capacity for learning and an innate curiosity about their world. Why not foster that desire to discover on their birthday? Bouncy houses are fun, but overdone. Celebrate your child’s milestone by giving the gift of exciting learning!

The Science Mill offers three birthday party options to suit your child’s interests. In addition to our standard party package, our deluxe party packages are themed and include three facilitated activities. Learn about nature and what makes our unique planet so amazing in our Nature Extravaganza party, or experience the fascinating, prehistoric world of the dinosaurs in our Prehistoric Party! First, the kids are able to get hands-on as they make take home gifts in an activity led by a museum staff member. Whether it’s building a birdfeeder or forming a fossil, each child will leave the party with a special souvenir. Next, the children will do some scientific sleuthing as they use exhibit clues to solve a puzzle in a scavenger hunt through our museum. Finally, a thrilling sensory experience awaits party-goers in our 3D movie theater where they will watch a private showing of a movie that defies two dimensions! In addition to the facilitated fun, party attendees have ample time to free explore our 40+ interactive museum exhibits and customize their own avatars!

Birthday parties are a way to celebrate another year of life, be thankful for the experiences that helped us grow, and look forward to the experiences ahead. Make the first experience of your child’s next year amazing at the Science Mill!

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