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Homeschool Day - Careers in Aerospace

Hands-on Activities

Stations run continuously from 10am-2pm

Constellation Tubes

Who says you can’t bring the stars indoors? At this station you will craft your own “telescope” and constellation pattern to help you do some indoor “star-gazing.”

Moon Craters

Ever wonder why our moon’s surface looks the way it does?  Come find out as you simulate a rock impacting the surface of the moon and observe ejecta patterns.  

Pocket Sun Clocks

Create a small paper sundial to indicate time based on the position of the sun in the sky.  

Learning Labs

K-2 -Planets in Motion, 10:30am, lasts 45 minutes

Can you name the order of the planets in our solar system, beginning with the planet closest to the Sun?  Do you know the inner planets, outer planets and what heavenly bodies separate them? Do planets move in space?  Join us to discover the answers to these questions and much more as you create a solar system model to take home with you!

3-5 - Bubble Blasted Rockets, 11:30am, lasts one hour

Learn about the driving power that pushes rockets up into space! Work with your aerospace engineering team to design a rocket and use a substitute fuel to launch your rocket. See how high your team’s rocket can fly!

6-12 - Payload Challenge, 1pm, lasts one hour

Rocket lift systems somehow defy gravitational pull. Work with your aerospace engineering team to create the best balloon rocket lift that can deliver the largest payload to the ceiling!

Earlier Event: September 3
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Later Event: September 22
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