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Science of Sports

Be prepared to endeavor in feats of strength, power and speed!

For one day only, Science Mill visitors can test balance, measure reflexes, improve focus and more at eight specially designed stations. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of the scientific principles behind movement, plus great tips for improving your performance.

Feeling up for a challenge? Record your family's or group's highest score at each station for a chance to get on the Science of Sports Leaderboard. The highest scoring team of the day will win a Family Membership to the Science Mill!


Test your balance skills as you race through an obstacle course! Staff will keep time while you shimmy and shake your way across 25 feet of slack line, hop-skip-jump on balance pods and scale giant foam blocks.


Put on our punch tracker and channel your inner Rocky Balboa! The tracker will measure punching velocity and intensity as you go one-on-one with a punching bag.


Hop on our stationary bike to measure your RPMs. While you pedal, watch the a monitor to see how you would rate in the animal kingdom. Do you pedal at a tortoise pace or cycle at cheetah speeds?


Warm up for World Cup penalty kicks this summer! Check your accuracy at our soccer goal, where you’ll get 4 attempts to hit each corner of the net.


Check your reflexes and reaction time with two interactive games, one low-tech and one high-tech. Both will have you racing to react!


Measure your vertical jump, horizontal jump and hang time! Discover how high you can reach on our vertical pole, then find out how you compare to Olympic broad jumpers. Use our specialized mat to see how long you stay airborne when jumping.


This is your chance to chill out! The more relaxed you are, the better your chances of winning at the Mindball exhibit. Can you out-focus your opponent?


Gather your team at the Giant Lever and engage in a tug-of-war game. Be sure to choose the correct side of the lever for a huge advantage!

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