The Silo of McKays

What is the Silo of McKays?

A multidimensional art installation, created by local artist McKay Otto, blending art and science in a mesmerizing experience. The contemplative sanctuary, housed in a repurposed grain silo, heightens visitors’ awareness of light, sound, rhythm, balance, color and harmony.

Seven abstract paintings hang above seven Tibetan singing bowls in the 40-foot silo. The space is carefully lit to enhance the paintings, which reflect the presence of Eastern medicine’s chakra energy centers when the lights are turned off. Sound vibrations offer a chance to feel an inner energy. This is a space for visitors to reflect, think, discover and feel. The silo is meant to evoke a new experience with every visit.

Who Is McKay Otto?

McKay is an artist who lives and works near Wimberley, Texas. Dealing with the themes of light, translucence, simplicity and silence, his work combines the quiet concentration of meditation with a focused intensity, which he often describes as “transdimensional.”

McKay has exhibited his work extensively in gallery and museum exhibitions across Texas, as well as in New York, Chicago, Denver, New Orleans and Aspen.

When is the Silo of McKays Open?

The Silo of McKays opens for the first time to the public on Saturday, November 21. Hours of operation shift with the Science Mill schedule and vary throughout the year. Please check the current operating schedule.


Photo credit:  © Anthony Rathbun Photography 2015.