Join us for Homeschool Day!


We invite homeschool families and groups to join us on on Homeschool Day each month during the school year to explore the Science Mill. In addition to museum exhibits, we will offer a 3D movie and themed demonstrations and hands-on activities with scientists.

Museum hours are 10am-4pm.

Cost: $6 per student. 1 free educator per student. Additional adults are $10. No reservations required. Demos, activities and 3D movie are free with admission.

Learning Labs will be offered for an additional cost of $4 - $6 per student. (Limited space available. Email to reserve your child's spot.)


wednesday, december 13 - gAME development

Do your kids spend their days dreaming up the next big video game or imagining the creatures in their sketchbooks coming to life? Pros from Game Worlds show kids how to build on their imagination by connecting their interest in art, coding and gaming with the world of video game development.

Building Games from the Ideas Up Discover what goes into making a game! It takes artists, programmers, graphic designers, story tellers, and audio designers. Game developers guide kids through the game development process from the next great idea through storyboarding and coding. 10:30 a.m.

Bringing Games to Life Artists and audio designers bring games to life with fun characters and stunning sounds. Hear about the career paths of real-world game developers. Did they excel at science and math or just love to draw or make music? Discover all the talents and skills it takes to bring a game to life. 11:30 a.m.



Hands-on Game Play: 11am- 1pm

Test your gaming skills at the Game Worlds play station in the Lobby. Play challenging levels on student designed games and learn how to create your own games from the Game Worlds staff.



Coding with Color (K-2nd grades, 10:30)

Learn how to write code to make robots move using color! Watch as the Ozobot recognizes and follows color pattern commands. Explore the basics of coding and programming to inspire a life-long fascination with technology. $4, 45 minutes

Oh My Ozobots (3rd-5th grades, 11:30)

Discover basic principles of coding, programming and robotics in this colorful, game-based technology lab. Create code for an Ozobot, then watch it complete challenges you devised. $4, 45 minutes

Ozobot Olympics (6th-12th grades, 1:00)

Command your Ozobot to complete a challenge-based routine in the Ozobot Olympics! Using BOTH game-based, visual block style programming and your own colorful marker codes, design a coded choreography for your Ozobot to perform spins, zig-zags, color changes and much more. $4, 45 minutes

The dates for this year's Homeschool Days are below. Please stay tuned for more details.


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