We’re adding new activities this summer! Our surprise games and hands-on experiences won’t last forever, so come back often to see what’s new!


Physics Pigs
You read that right - we’re combining physics and pigs in this game. See how many pigs you can pluck off the mountain!

Rube Goldberg meets Marble Run
Use materials like pipes, tubing, dominoes and toy cars create a simple machine. The goal? Get your marble in the cup!

Be the Robot
Robots are only as useful as their programmers and operators. What good is a robotic arm if it can't help you clean your room? See if you can get this one to pick up all this stuff! 

Live Action Mario Brothers - Back by Popular Demand!
It’s retro fun when you are Mario. Powered by Makey-Makey, this activity challenges your brain and your body!


Meet our Marionette!
Can you make our new friend do The Floss? See if you can make him run in place or do some jumping jacks. Learn about robotics while getting a laugh out of other museum guests!

Tortoise-ly Awesome, Dude!

Every Wednesday, tHURSDAY AND FRIDAY

at 2:15pm (beginning June 14)


Join our staff biologist, Stacey, at the African Spurred Tortoise habitat for informative talks. See a tortoise feeding, and learn about these incredible creatures.