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Snow Day

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Join us for our fourth annual family-friendly snow day, when our backyard—the Science & Art Park—is transformed into a winter wonderland of science with more than 20 tons of snow!

Participate in special snow-related science activities from 10am-2pm

  • Watch an ice sculptor turn a block of ice into art

  • Try your hand at our Snowball Slingshot! Can you hit a moving target… on the other side of the creek?

  • See how fast your snowball goes when you toss it at Dave, the snowball-swatting robot. Aim for a target on Dave and we’ll measure your speed!

  • Make some beautiful music with an icicle xylophone!

Stay and play in the snow until closing time. Build a snowman with your family and make some snow angels!

We’ll have delicious treats for sale from local food truck vendors. Warm up with hot cocoa, tacos, and hot dogs, or keep things cool with a snow cone!

When you get chilly, head inside for showing of Waking the T-Rex 3D, about the Field Museum’s T-Rex, Sue. Don’t forget to explore all of the Science Mill’s 50+ hi-touch, hi-tech exhibits, too.

Tickets for Snow Day are available at the door, or get your tickets now to skip the line. (pssst… Snow Day tickets make a great stocking stuffer)!

Snow Day at the Science Mill is open to all and activities are free with admission, which includes access to all of the Science Mill's hands-on exhibits and a 3D movie. In the case of rain, this event will be postponed.


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January Homeschool Day - Be a Mathematician

Description: Approved

The Intersection of Art and Math: Putting the A & M in STEAM

January is about discovering why art and math make a great pair!

Career Expert- Details coming soon

Hands-on Activities- Stations run continuously from 11am-2pm

  • Pi Skyline: Create a cityscape by graphing the numbers in Pi! This colorful project starts with the pythagorean theorem and ends with a beautiful art piece.

  • Pythagorean Snail: Discover how mathematical relationships show up in nature when triangles turn into snail shells!

  • Tessellation:  Create a colorful repeating pattern using just one shape!

  • Mobius Strip: Math is beautifully one-sided when it comes to mobius strips! Make your own to take home.

Learning Labs:

$5 for non-members, $4.50 for members, Learning Labs are included for STEM Scholars

Due to the popularity of Learning Labs, reservations are strongly encouraged. Space is limited! Email fieldtrips@sciencemill.org to reserve your child's spot.

 K-2 Pattern Palooza, 10:30, lasts 45 minutes: Play with pattern blocks to learn how different shapes fit together to make patterns. Then use pattern blocks to make your own picture and create a tessellation.

3-5 Shapeshifter City, 11:30am, lasts one hour: Learn how architects use math, shapes, and patterns when designing and building. Try out your new skill with Magformers when you put shapes together to form 2D patterns. Snap your patterns together and watch them transform into a 3D figure!

6-8  Dive In!, 1pm, lasts one hour: Explore what it would be like to work for a bungee jumping company, and learn about the math involved in creating this type of thrill ride. Can you design a bungee that will give Ken & Barbie a thrilling but safe bungee jump experience?


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