The Science Mill's immersive, hands-on Learning Lab experiences make a great addition to any field trip! Learning Labs are an additional $4-6 per student.

  • Grade groups K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12
  • Lab lengths vary between 45 and 75 minutes.
  • Explore STEM relevancy through fun experimentation with real world applications
  • Students of all ages will interact with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math in a creative way.
  • Students will develop a new appreciation for STEM in the world around them.


Forensics Fun - Help the Science Mill staff solve the mystery of who took a bite out of our banana piano!  Investigate evidence through hands-on activities exploring fingerprinting, teeth impressions, and photo evidence. Solve the crime by using critical thinking skills, scientific observations, and basic forensic knowledge. $4, 45 minutes


Zippity Doo Da- Engineer a device to carry your Lego character safely down a zipline. Have fun with physics while exploring slope, gravity, and force and how they affect your Lego character’s journey. Discover the engineering design process while experimenting with your zipline creations.  $4, 45 minutes



Pattern Palooza- During this shindig with shapes, students will create tangram style masterpieces out of pattern blocks. This pattern party develops geometric thinking and spatial reasoning through picture-making tasks and exploring shape combination and deconstruction.  $4, 45 minutes


NEW! Coding with Color Learn how to code using color!  Watch as the Ozobot recognizes and follows color pattern commands.  Learn the basics of coding and programming to inspire a life-long love for technology in this flashy NEW lab. $4, 45 minutes

Grades 3-5


NEW! Conductive Creatures Mold your own electrical creature in this fun circuitry lab! Students will learn the basics of circuitry and conductivity using conductive dough, insulative dough, LEDS and batteries.  They will design a collage of creatures and film a culminating stop motion animation. This mix of technology and circuits is electrifying fun! $5, 60 minutes


Bacteria Detectives** - Discover the important role of bacteria in our world, while also investigating what types of bacteria surround us on everyday objects. Students will swab for bacteria and observe growth on petri dishes in your classroom! $4, 45 minutes



Zip Away!- Create a gondola for your zipline and engineer a secure ride to keep your ping pong ball passenger safe! Use the engineering design process to solve challenges, re-imagine and improve your gondola for its journey. $4, 45 minutes


Oh My Ozobots- Discover the basic principles of coding, programming and robotics in this colorful, game-based technology lab.  Make the line-following Ozobot complete challenges and follow codes that you create!  $4, 45 minutes


Grades 6-8


Ozobot OlympicsCommand your Ozobot to complete a challenge-based routine in the Ozobot Olympics!  Using BOTH game-based, visual block style programming and your own colorful marker codes, design a coded choreography for your Ozobot to perform spins, zig-zags, color changes and much more.  $4, 45 minutes



NEW! mBot Mechanics- Take your programming a step further with this robotics coding lab.  Using Arduino-based mBots and iPads, students will learn how to direct their robot to move, play music, put on a light show and more.  As a team, students will put their skills to the test in the culminating obstacle course event! $6, 75 minutes





Magnificent Mobile- Build a greater understanding of intuitive physics while designing a Calder style mobile of your own.  Students will examine levers and basic physics concepts to ensure that their lab’s take home mobile is a true kinetic work of art.  $6, 75 minutes



NEW! Makey Your Own World Explore the world of invention literacy during this electronic investigation lab.  Utilizing the basics of circuitry and Makey Makey boards, students will be inspired to design products that can change the world around them. We are putting the power of creativity in their hands as they learn new ways to interact with technology, develop an understanding of conductive materials and learn how to engineer devices to help others. $6, 75 minutes



Grades 9-12

NEW! Ozobots: Code your Course Learn how to control a tiny Ozobot with color coding and line following robotic programming. This lab is designed to introduce students to concepts and careers within in-line robotics systems. By exploring the functionality of these tiny robots, students will develop creative programs for their Ozobots to perform. $4, 45 minutes

NEW! mBot Mechanics- Delve into the concepts of Arduino-based microcontrollers, sensors, programming and robotics with the mBot! $6, 75 minutes


NEW! Texas Aquatic Science Lab

grades 5-9

Got Water? Students will investigate the importance of water quality through a series of water chemistry explorations!  As true field biologists, they will learn proper procedures for data collection, water chemistry testing and collecting valuable site and weather information.  This lab includes a take home kit that will allow your class to investigate other water sources to spur even further data comparisons back in the classroom. This environmentally conscious lab will leave your students with a greater understanding and appreciation of biological fieldwork and environmental careers. $6, 75 minutes

This Learning Lab is adapted from the Texas Aquatic Science activity 1.9

Texas Aquatic Science is a cooperative education project sponsored by Texas Parks and Wildlife, The Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, and The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment at Texas State University. Texas Aquatic Science is a comprehensive aquatic science curriculum, from molecules to ecosystems, and headwaters to ocean, for middle school and high school students. The curriculum consists of an online student textbook, a teacher guide, specially produced videos, and supplementary materials.

The Science Mill is a Texas Aquatic Science Certified Field site. We’ve been certified by Texas Parks and Wildlife to provide key Aquatic Science field activities for your students. Field experiences make learning come alive and give students a meaningful event to which they can connect their learning.  Research shows that this greatly enhances retention.

** As part of the Bacteria Detectives lab, your students will be able to design a small experiment to test for the types and amount of bacteria present on different surfaces. By swabbing surfaces and streaking their swab onto petri dishes, students will be able to discover interesting information about the presence of bacteria all around them. In order to complete this lab you must transport the petri dishes back to your classroom. We recommend that you allow the bacteria to grow at room temperature for 48-72 hours before you distribute the plates and allow students to discover their results.

In order to help you fully participate in the Bacteria Detectives lab, our staff will take all necessary steps to prepare your students' petri dishes for transport back to your classroom. We will also provide you with a pre-made bleach solution that you can use to properly dispose of the bacteria when you complete the lab. We recommend placing the dishes in a bleach water bath (or garbage bag with bleach water) for proper disposal. A small direction card will be provided with the pre-made bleach solution.

Please contact our education staff at fieldtrips@sciencemill.org if you have any questions.