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September - Be a Chemist

September Homeschool Day: Concoctions of Chemical Conundrums

This month we focus on careers in chemistry. Come mix it up with us and get some STEM-azing reactions! Guest speaker to be announce soon!

Hands-On Activities

Solid or Liquid? 11am-2pm

Experiment with oobleck, a non-Newtonian fluid, and see what happens when the oobleck is exposed to sound waves. Hint: that innocent box of cornstarch in your pantry may contain monsters!

Chemical Concoctions- 11am, Noon, 1pm, 2pm (Show lasts 30 minutes)

Catch the Rainbow Chemistry Game Show! See a colorful reaction demonstration followed by a test of your acids and bases knowledge. Once you’ve conquered the game show, use your knowledge to make some Foam Gnomes.

Learning Labs

Pricing: $5 for non-members/$4.50 for members. Learning Labs are included for STEM Scholars. Due to the popularity of Learning Labs, reservations are strongly encouraged. Space is limited! Email to reserve your child's spot.

10:30am- K-2nd grades: Ziploc Omelet- Explore protein reactions when you whip up a tasty concoction! 45 minutes

11:30am- 3rd-5th grades: Bouncing Bonds- Design your own bouncy ball! 60 minutes

1:00pm- 6th-8th grades: Blast Off!- Experiment with chemical reactions and create working engines! 60 minutes

Earlier Event: May 10
Later Event: October 10
October - Be an Earth Scientist