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December - Be an Inventor

Join us in December to turn all kinds of junk into all kinds of fun! We’ll focus on careers that allow you to make something out of nothing. Let your imagination run the show this month!

Career Expert:

Dan Patterson, Ph.D., CEO of PMFocus

10:30am, 11:30am, 1pm

At this month’s Homeschool Day, you’ll discover what it’s like to take something from idea to reality! Our guest speaker, Dan Patterson, is a life-long inventor and software entrepreneur. 

 He is going to share the story of how his natural curiosity and ingenuity led him to start his first business. You’ll get to hear all about Dan’s inventive career path, from young British innovator to globally recognized entrepreneur, and why developing new products excites him.

 Come to one of Dan’s talks to learn more about what it takes to invent your future!

Hands-on Activities

Stations run continuously from 11am-2pm

Marble Maze

Design and create a one-of-a-kind marble run! You choose the twists and turns that will take your marble from start to finish.


We’ll use everyday materials to create musical instruments! Do you have materials that you think could make a great musical sound or would be a good instrument starter? Bring them along and the Science Mill staff will help you build your sound machine. (We’ll have materials on hand, too!) Some ideas for materials that could become sound makers: straws, rubber bands, paper plates, yarn, jingle bells, beads, plastic cups, balloons, bobby pins, recyclables and MORE!

Invent a Creature

Use your imagination and our materials to invent and build a creature! Science Mill staff will help you make your creation move and produce sounds.  

Learning Labs


$5 for non-members

$4.50 for members

Learning Labs are included for STEM Scholars

Due to the popularity of Learning Labs, reservations are strongly encouraged. Space is limited! Email to reserve your child's spot.

K-2 Crazy Contraptions, 10:30, lasts 45 minutes: Use building materials to create a contraption that will move objects, like toy cars, marbles, and ping pong balls, from the top of a board to the bottom!   

3-5 Conductive Creatures, 11:30am, lasts one hour: Create a little buddy using conductive and insulative dough and LEDs. Complete a circuit and watch part of your new friend light up!

6-8  Makey-Makey, 1pm, lasts one hour: Design and create an interactive soundboard using a Makey Makey.  Then ramp up your creativity to turn your soundboard into a modern noise-making toy using different conductive materials!

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