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November - Be a Technologist

Technology Trends: Transporting Us to the Future

November’s Homeschool Day will focus on careers in technology! We’ll explore augmented reality, create 3D drawings, and have coding-focused Learning Labs.

Guest Speaker

Suzanne A. Pierce, PhD, Founder and Lead Scientist, Pixel Profundo

Suzanne A. Pierce, PhD, studies integrated watershed systems and designs technologies to help people interact with earth and environmental information. As a founder and lead scientist for the educational technology company, Pixel Profundo, Dr. Pierce and her partners are creating augmented and immersive reality applications based on the local species that make Central Texas unique. Her work has received awards at  local and international levels for innovation and engagement. Most recently, she launched Creek Quest AR, a new Science Augmented! card game.

About Pixel Profundo

Pixel Profundo is focused on the creation of technologies and products that educate and inform, such as interactive gaming, augmented reality, artificial intelligence applications, decision support systems, and 3D tangibles based on scientific themes critical to sustainable futures, conflict resolution and understanding how natural systems work.

Hands-on Activities- Stations run continuously from 11am-2pm

Color With Quiver

Bring coloring pages to life with an augmented reality app!

Take Your Drawings to a New Dimension

It’s like holding a 3D printer in your hand when you doodle with this amazing pen!

The Creek Quest by Science Augmented!™

 Creek Quest gives you a link to an Augmented Reality game where you can test your knowledge and see the critters up close and personal.

Learning Labs ($5 for non-members, $4.50 for members, Learning Labs are included for STEM Scholars)

Due to the popularity of Learning Labs, reservations are strongly encouraged. Space is limited! Email to reserve your child's spot.

K-2 Botley Coding, 10:30am, lasts 45 minutes

Learn basic principles of coding through a series of challenges with your Botley Robot!

3-5 mBots, 11:30am, lasts 60 minutes

Use logical and critical thinking to create a program that directs your mBot through an obstacle course!   

6-8 MicroPet, 1pm, lasts 60 minutes

Create your own pet! Code your MicroBit to light up with different shapes and faces, and to play music in response to different actions.

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