Hey parents with kids in grades 3-5! Our one-day Discovery Day Camps combine hands-on STEM learning and creative fun! Dissect and discover the inner workings of mechanical toys or explore the world of design.


Registration fee includes all activities and materials, time to explore the museum, a 3D movie, lunch, and snacks. Pre- and post-care available 8-9am and/or 4-5pm for $10/hr. Science Mill Members save $10 by using code MEMBERCAMP2017 at checkout.

Thursday, Dec. 21 or Dec. 28, 9am - 4pm

Explore the Land of Misfit Toys

Inspect-a-Gadget. Are you curious about how mechanical toys, gadgets and gizmos work? Detect, inspect and dissect toys and discover their inner workings. Reveal the hidden secrets that make them ring, buzz, move, talk, light up and come alive. Come play in a whole new way. 

Toy Transformation. Become a toy designer or artist! Create something completely new from dissected toys and gizmo guts. What will you make? An original toy or work of art?

Visions of Visionaries. Now that you have an original creation, imagine yourself as the Chief Innovation Officer of your own company! Write a company profile, design a logo, develop packaging and marketing materials for your innovative design. Plus, shoot a stop-motion animation commercial!


Friday, Dec. 22 or Dec. 29, 9am - 4pm

Bring 3D Creations to Life

3D Digital Design Studio. Have you heard about creating cool stuff with 3D printing and want to try it? Let your imagination be your guide and harness your inner designer using Tinkercad software to create printable 3D designs.

Doodle your Dreams. Take your two-dimensional sketches and doodle them using 3D Pens! Your artistry and skill take your design to the next level and develop a unique, 3D doodle.  

Devise Electronic Devices. Now make your creations move, buzz and light up! Use creative electronic blocks, called littleBits, to explore 3D invention design.


Space is limited! Register early to participate in this special holiday-themed day of fun and STEM learning! Please complete the form below to register. Payment can be made online below or by sending a check to PO Box 38, Johnson City, TX 78636 or by calling 844.263.6405 ext. 1007.

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