Our NEW 2016 -2017 immersive, hands-on Learning Lab experiences make a great addition to any field trip! Learning Labs are an additional $4-6 per student.

We have developed new 30-75 minute TEKS aligned STEM exploration Learning Labs by grade groups. And new this year are MATH Learning Labs!

  • Learning Labs are divided and aligned by grade groups K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12.
  • Our Learning Labs explore STEM relevancy through fun experimentation with real world applications.
  • Each Learning Lab is designed to allow students of all ages to interact with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math in a new way.
  • Students will develop a new appreciation for geometry, measurement, algebra, physics and the relevancy of mathematics in the world around them.

Browse our NEW selection of innovative and engaging Learning Lab options below. 


Forensics Fun - Help the Science Mill staff solve the mystery of who took a bite out of our banana piano!  Investigate evidence through hands-on activities exploring fingerprinting, teeth impressions, footprints and hidden evidence. Solve the crime by using critical thinking skills, scientific observations, and basic forensic knowledge. $4, 30 minutes



Zippity Doo Da- Engineer a device to carry your Lego character safely down a zipline. Have fun with physics while exploring slope, gravity, and force and how they affect your Lego character’s journey.  Investigate the engineering design process while experimenting with your zipline creations.  $4, 30 minutes

Pattern Palooza- During this shindig with shapes, students will create tangram style masterpieces out of pattern blocks. This pattern party develops geometric thinking and spatial reasoning through picture-making tasks and exploring shape combination and deconstruction.  $4, 30 minutes

Elemetrics- Measure me this, can a platypus fit in the Paludarium? Investigate the world around you with hands-on, minds-on activities utilizing nonstandard forms of measurement. Invent a new rule of thumb to quantify everyday “stuff and things” to become a measurement master!  $4, 45 minutes

Grades 3-5

Bacteria Detectives** - Discover the important role of bacteria in our world, while also investigating what types of bacteria surround us on everyday objects. Students will swab for bacteria and observe growth on petri dishes in your classroom! $4, 45 minutes

Zip Away!- Create a gondola for your zipline and engineer a braking mechanism to keep your ping pong ball passenger safe! Use the engineering design process to solve challenges, re-imagine, and improve your zipline and gondola design on this 4 second journey. $4, 45 minutes

Oh My Ozobots- Discover the basic principles of coding, programming and robotics in this colorful, game-based technology lab. Make the line-following Ozobot complete challenges and follow the codes that you create! $4, 45 minutes

ShapeShifter City- Build your own shape city!  Transform 2D geometric nets into 3D city masterpieces. Explore the intricacy of two dimensional shapes and how it impacts three dimensional designs including 3D printing. $4, 45 minutes

Grades 6-8

Ozobot OlympicsCommand your Ozobot to complete a challenge based routine in the Ozobot Olympics! Using game-based, visual block style programming create a code for your Ozobot to perform spins, zig-zags, color changes, and much more. $4, 45 minutes



mBot Mayhem- Delve into the concepts of Arduino-based microcontrollers, sensors, programming and robotics with the mBot!  Enjoy a hands-on experience with an all-in-one solution for programming, electronics and robotics basics with a series of programming challenges. $6, 75 minutes

Magnificent Mobile- Examine levers and intuitive physics behind the art of Calder mobiles.  Build a magnificent mobile with your class to gain an understanding of the basic physics concepts behind these amazing kinetic works of art. Achieving balance takes the collaborative effort of science and creativity! $6, 75 minutes

Dive In!- Take the plunge in this engaging exploration of the intricacies behind bungee jumping. Investigate design options through experimentation on how to make the most thrilling (and safe!) bungee jump. Use these experimental design models to collect and interpret data and make predictions of how your ride will fair in the real world. $4, 45 minutes

Grades 9-12

Ozobots: Fun with Coding & Robotics- Investigate STEM careers in robotics and programming while engaging in hands-on discovery using game-based technology designed to teach basic principles of coding, programming and robotics. $4, 45 minutes

mBot Mayhem- Delve into the concepts of Arduino-based microcontrollers, sensors, programming and robotics with the mBot!  Enjoy a hands-on experience with an all-in-one solution for programming, electronics and robotics basics with a series of programming challenges. $6, 75 minutes

More 9-12 Learning Labs coming soon!

TEKS Alignments for the Learning Labs coming soon!

** As part of the Bacteria Detectives lab, your students will be able to design a small experiment to test for the types and amount of bacteria present on different surfaces. By swabbing surfaces and streaking their swab onto petri dishes, students will be able to discover interesting information about the presence of bacteria all around them. In order to complete this lab you must transport the petri dishes back to your classroom. We recommend that you allow the bacteria to grow at room temperature for 48-72 hours before you distribute the plates and allow students to discover their results.

In order to help you fully participate in the Bacteria Detectives lab, our staff will take all necessary steps to prepare your students' petri dishes for transport back to your classroom. We will also provide you with a pre-made bleach solution that you can use to properly dispose of the bacteria when you complete the lab. We recommend placing the dishes in a bleach water bath (or garbage bag with bleach water) for proper disposal. A small direction card will be provided with the pre-made bleach solution.

Please contact our education staff at fieldtrips@sciencemill.org if you have any questions.