Homeschool Days

Join us each month for Homeschool Day!

We invite homeschool families and groups to join us on the second Wednesday of each month to explore the Science Mill. In addition to museum exhibits, we will offer special demonstrations, activities and guests. Museum hours are 10am-4pm.

Cost: $6 per student. 1 free educator per student. Additional adults are $10. No reservations required.

Learning Labs will be offered for an additional cost of $4 - $6 per student. (Limited space available for Learning Labs. Save a spot by emailing with your child's name and which Learning Lab you would like to attend.)

On Wednesday, March 8, special activities and guest will include:

This month GroFizz will bring the Litte Natural Gardener activities. Make your own compost with kitchen and yarn scraps. (10:30am-2pm)

Game Worlds will be back with video game design activities and challenges. Students will build and customize the details of a level to gain an inside look into game development! (10am-2pm)


10:30am- Pattern Palooza (grades K-2)

During this shindig with shapes, students will create tangram style masterpieces out of pattern blocks. This pattern party develops geometric thinking and spatial reasoning through picture-making tasks and exploring shape combination and deconstruction.  $4, 30 minutes

11:30am- Oh My Ozobots (grades 3-5)

Discover the basic principles of coding, programming and robotics in this colorful, game-based technology lab. Make the line-following Ozobot complete challenges and follow the codes that you create! $4, 45 minutes

1:00pm- Magnificent Mobile (grades 6-12)

Magnificent Mobile- Examine levers and intuitive physics behind the art of Calder mobiles.  Build a magnificent mobile with your class to gain an understanding of the basic physics concepts behind these amazing kinetic works of art. Achieving balance takes the collaborative effort of science and creativity! $6, 75 minutes

2016-2017 Homeschool Days

Date Learning Lab Age Learning Lab Topic Special Guests
Sept. 14 3rd-5th grade Oh My Ozobots! Girl Scouts of Central Texas, Scobee Education Center
Oct. 12 K-2nd grade Elemetrics Baylor Scott & White, Game Worlds
Nov. 9 3rd-5th grade Shape Shifter City Gro Fizz, Game Worlds, Baylor Scott & White, Texas Stream Team
Dec. 14 6th-12th grade mBot Mayhem Gro Fizz, Learn Nature, Guided hikes with LBJ National Park Service Rangers
Jan. 11 All ages- K-2, 3-5, & 6-12

10:30am: Zippity Doo Daa! (grades K-2)

11:30am: Zip Away (grades 3-5)

1:00pm: Dive In! (grades 6-12)

Gro Fizz, Scobee Education Center, Game Worlds

Feb. 8 All ages- K-2, 3-5, & 6-12

10:30am: Forensics Fun (grades K-2)

11:30am: Bacteria Detectives (grades 3-5)

1:00pm: Ozobot Olympics (grades 6-12)

Gro Fizz, National Park Service guided hikes, Makey-Makey fun with Science Mill staff.

Mar. 8 All ages- K-2, 3-5, & 6-12

10:30am: Pattern Palooza (grades K-2)

11:30am: Oh My Ozobots (grades 3-5)

1:00pm: Magnificent Mobile (grades 6-12)

Gro Fizz, Game Worlds
Apr. 12 All ages- K-2, 3-5, & 6-12

10:30am: Elemetrics (grades K-2)

11:30am: TBD (grades 3-5)

1:00pm: mBot Mayhem (grades 6-12)

Gro Fizz, Game Worlds
May 10 All ages- K-2, 3-5, & 6-12

10:30am: TBD (grades K-2)

11:30am: TBD (grades 3-5)

1:00pm: TBD (grades 6-12)

Gro Fizz, Game Worlds, Texas Stream Team

Stay tuned as we continue to add more special guests. Repeat guests will have different activities each month. Please click here for a description of Learning Labs.

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