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The Story of Water

Movement of underground water through big caves and tiny cracks and crevices in rocks is the often invisible part of the water cycle. In this exhibit, while in a 40-foot-tall silo, you will be immersed in an aquifer and experience the great cycle of water – from the air to the ground, deep into the earth and back into the sky.


In the biology lab you see what some real-life biologists do in laboratories. These biologists discover new ways to treat diseases, see how microorganisms can make electricity, and how microorganisms that share our world have developed completely different ways of breathing and living. All this is experienced in our biology lab and is only a sampler of all the amazing and exciting things biologists do.

Virtual Human Body

A visit to this exhibit allows you to interact with the human body like never before. The Virtual Human Body is a unique tool that allows people to explore the inside of a human body. Using hand gestures and a 60-inch touch screen display, viewers can swipe, zoom and slice the images to gain a deeper understanding into the functions and processes inside the human body. The visuals on display were collected using computerized tomography (also known as CT) scan technology that captures a series of image ‘slices’ to create the overall 3D image.

Critter Bots

Do you love robots? Sharpen your robotic skills at this exhibit by giving computerized commands to robotic animals and watch as the critters rattle, scratch and bellow their way into your heart. Each animal will move according to your instructions given through blocks of text or computer instructions, called a program.

Race Track

Build a custom racecar at the pit garage and race against others on a 25-foot track in this exciting design-build challenge. Learn the basics of simple machines and think like an engineer to build a speedy car that breaks all the records.

Cell Phone Disco

Use a mobile phone to transform a dark space into a dazzling light show! Several thousand lights illuminate when you use a mobile phone in the vicinity of the exhibit.

Every single mobile phone transmits radio waves in order to connect to a cellular network, and every day millions of people around the world broadcast their conversations across these invisible waves. Tiny sensors in the Cell Phone Disco exhibit detect and convert the invisible electromagnetic waves from a mobile phone into another frequency, the range of visible light. Thousands of sensors that are incorporated in the Cell Phone Disco display are tuned to detect the mobile phone’s electromagnetic radiation.

Energy Game

Step up to the control table and accept the challenge to manage the supply of electricity across homes and businesses in a virtual town. This interactive game will keep you on the move while teaching you the pros and cons of energy resources such as nuclear, coal, natural gas, wind and solar. Slide the levers and rotate the dials as you experience firsthand how our power grids, along with a variety of energy inputs, are used to supply electricity across the nation.

Chemical Reactions

Play and experiment with tiny building blocks of life by mixing atomic combinations of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorous, fluorine and chlorine. Enjoy the surprises as you create some of the most common molecules found in nature and see their animations unfold on screen.

Molecular Detective

Something’s gone wrong with your avatar! Can you find the DNA contaminate in your avatar? Computers and DNA make the perfect team to help you with this mystery! This exhibit is designed to show you how scientists are using super-fast computers to unlock the genetic code of living organisms.


The word paludarium comes from the Latin word ‘palus’ meaning marsh or swamp and ‘–arium’ meaning enclosed container. How many species did you find in the Paludarium in the museum lobby? Did you see the big angelfish? Were you lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a crab hiding in the moss on the rocks? The Paludarium is a living ecosystem where all of the living elements (mosses, plants, crabs, and fish) and non-living elements (the water, air, and rocks) interact with one another and are linked through nutrient cycles and energy flows. The balance of the ecosystem is supported each day with just a little food for the fish.

Create an Explosion

Bang! That’s the power of Chemistry. In this explosive example of water electrolysis, you’ll experience firsthand the transformation of electrical energy into chemical energy. Start the electrical current flowing in electrodes inside the clear flask of water. The electrical current splits the water molecules into two elements- hydrogen and oxygen. Once the hydrogen gas has been collected and loaded in the launch chamber, prepare to be amazed. The hydrogen gas combusts in a chemical explosion that launches a ping-pong ball up with a surprising bang!

Wind Turbine Test Bed

Grandpa's old fashioned windmill gets an overhaul in this experimental exhibit allowing you to change the size and shape of turbine blades to produce maximum power. Your challenge is to find the blade configuration that produces enough power to light up all three houses at once.


Can you control the electrical signals in your brain? Square off with your opponent in this exciting challenge that measures your ability to FOCUS and RELAX. Slip on the bio-sensor headband and watch as a small white ball travels across the table according to the brain waves of you and your opponent. A large monitor will display both players’ brain activity in this ultimate game of mind control.

Go with the Flow

Come play with electricity at our AC/DC electricity exhibit. This exhibit offers an introduction to designing electrical system through creating and controlling electrical circuits. Choose from a series of "experiments," built around the basics of AC and DC electricity. You’ll be SHOCKED at how easy and safe the experiments are! (ba-dum-dum)


Have you ever wanted to view Earth from outer space? You won’t need a space shuttle to view a dazzling display of multimedia on our four-foot diameter Earth-like sphere. This theater-in-the-round experience will cover a wide variety of topics including oceanic, atmospheric and geo sciences. If a big weather event is headed our way, you’ll be able to view the real-time weather data leading up to the event.

Giant Lever

Challenge your friends to an old fashioned match in tug-of-war on this giant lever exhibit. As each side tugs the rope you’ll quickly learn that the two sides are not equal. Can you figure out why?


Put mathematics and biology together and you get Romanesco Broccoli. This broccoli takes the form of a fractal – a complex geometrical shape that looks almost the same at every scale factor.


Ahoy, matey! Come set sail with us, experiment with wind and air pressure and be the captain of your own boat. Control the wind and sail positions to watch your vessel journey across the sea. Shiver me timbers, that’s one fast boat!

Dig In!

Run your hands through real sand, forming mountains, rivers, lakes and dams in this interactive, augmented reality exhibit. Bring the concepts of geology, watersheds, erosion and topographic mapping to life while you create virtual topography in real time. Hold your hand above the sand to cast a shadow, causing virtual rain to fall from a virtual cloud. Carve a river in the sand and build a dam and watch as the water flows according to your design.